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We have been a part of the construction market for 20 years. We are engaged in the processes of construction, finishing, and installation work. We are fully prepared for complex repairs and modernization of various types of objects, starting with apartments and single-family houses, through public facilities such as hospitals, clinics, schools, kindergartens, and ending with large industrial facilities. We cooperate with interior architects, constructors, designers, and the leading wholesalers
of building and installation materials. We are fully licensed and obtain all necessary building permits, and our trained staff and employees remain up to date with new technologies and materials.
At every stage of the project, we cooperate closely with the client and designers, serving with experience and expertise.

Confident that your expectations will be met, we invite you to choose ALTEX for your next project!

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We offer you our general contracting services:

  • single-family buildings,

  • multi-family buildings,

  • commercial facilities,

  • public buildings,

  • halls,

  • industrial facilities,

  • steel structures.

Owing to extensive experience in the implementation of construction works of various types, i.e. raw states, renovations, adaptations and finishing works, we are able to undertake
any challenge in the field of building construction.




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Our company is engaged in complex renovations of both office and residential
spaces. Installation works, glazing, painting, plastering, suspended ceilings, or unusual forms
and shapes - are all of the highest quality
and delivered on time. Let us help you transform your office/apartment!


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In addition to all the excavations needed for our projects, we are able to perform wide and narrow spatial trenches for the construction of objects and installations.


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ALTEX delivers reinforcement works and reinforced concrete works such as:

-reinforced concrete pillars,

-foundations for machinery and industrial facilities,

-reinforced concrete tanks,

-reinforced concrete supports and beams,

-structures of reinforced concrete walls and balconies.


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Based on the specification we deliver steel constructions for production halls, industrial facilities, and warehouse buildings. Because
of the attention to detail and years of experience, we manufacture steel structures that are durable and dependable for years to come.


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We undertake installation work in the field of:

-plumbing, welded, crimped multilayer pipes installations,

-central heating systems, copper, crimped welded multilayer steel pipes,

-heating system installations,

-underfloor heating installations,

-heater installations,

-gas installations of welded steel and copper,

-solar collectors, flat, tubular,

-boiler houses (gas, oil, heat exchanger, coal) installations,

-ventilation with heat recovery,

-domestic sewage treatment plants,

-water treatment station.


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Based on client's specifications and/or jointly developed projects, we also undertake work in the field of locksmithing, e.g.:

-steel fencing,

-sliding and wing gates,

-stairway and balcony railings,

-metal doors and gates,

-fixing elements, anchors and marks,

-metal structures,






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We offer an extensive catalog of services for total adaptation of attics and lofts for living purposes. Our sophisticated attic insulation is made with extremely light and durable materials, so it does not unnecessarily weight the ceilings. Our competence includes professional construction of ceilings and walls, installation of partitions, laying floors, and painting rooms.


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We perform full thermal insulation of buildings, warming both from the outside and from the inside. We also carry out various types of facade projects. We make sure that the best possible solutions are chosen for heat loss reduction, and sustenance of the overall comfort regardless of the weather conditions.


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