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We offer the Stauss brick lath produced in Austria since 1889, created for the purpose of renovation
and delivery of peculiar architectural solutions.


Thanks to the use of durable and at the same time plastic material in its production, the Stauss brick lath is easy for shaping and machining.



  • ​same thermal expansion as mortars,

  • ceramic adhesion identical to brick,

  • non-flammability,

  • plasticity,

  • sound absorption,

  • processing ease, 

  • durability and stability.



  • creation of unusual building shapes,

  • garden gazebos,

  • bread ovens,

  • amusement park attractions,

  • regeneration of building facades,

  • warming of the elevation (the use of brick lath provides a significantly higher durablity of the facade than the light-wet method),

  • protection of the facade made of cement-asbestos slabs,

  • covering of chimneys, steel and wooden structures (fire and corrosion protection),

  • covering of ceilings and building light partition walls (alternative to plasterboard walls),

  • restoration of historic buildings,

  • unusual architectural solutions.

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